50 / 50

This movie walks a thin line between bringing the attention
of the public to a most serious issue, terminal cancer and trivializing that issue.
Just when it looks like this film is going off base and making fun of a most profound social problem, it redeems itself and goes for the
higher ground.
One of the fine things about this film is the time it spends showing us how
the cancer patient is not the only one harmed by this illness; it takes a major toll
on friends and family.
I am not a Seth Rogen fan, but he was okay in this production. Since he ruined "THE GREEN HORNET" - he needed to do something right this time out.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was excellent. The teenage like romance he has with a therapist
is very sweet and compelling.
Anjelica Huston still has that "evil eye" glare that strikes fear in an audience. She still has
"it" - that sexy, compelling persona that worked so well in "Lonesome Dove" and Prizzi's Honor in 1985. She has passion and it is ageless - she turns me on now as she did over
30 years ago.
Oh, back to the movie - it is worth seeing and these days, that is a compliment.

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