I asked ten year old Shyanne and her younger brother, Joshua,
how they felt about the new Muppet
movie. They were excited to tell me how much they enjoyed the
entire film. They agreed that
Miss Piggy stole the show with her wild and messy donut eating
They spoke of this film with the same appreciation I would use to describe
"Gone With The Wind" or "To Sir With Love."

Their adult escort, Gerika, explained to me that she brought
the kids to the theater to pass on the
legacy of The Muppets to a new generation of youngsters.

This was her tribute to the late Jim Henson and positive ideals he gave to
The audience should also appreciate the body of work that Amy Adams is
putting on the screen, she is an outstanding actress, flying under the radar of
public recognition for her versatility both in comedy and drama.

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