"RED TAILS" gets off to a rocky start, it seemed very stagy ( having a theatrical, artificial quality ).
Once the film got rolling and the story developed, this element disappeared and the
true quality of the characters and their place in history came
to life for the audience.
The emotional impact of this film is just tremendous and it should be; it is allowing us to see
something that is just pure insanity - men asking to be placed
in harm's way to fight for an Air Force that did not value their intelligence or
The success of these strong black men and those insightful white
officers who recognized the value of The Tuskegee Airmen, has
given us a film that won't leave many viewers without a tear in their eyes.
I am proud to salute the late Rev. Roderick Ross, a Darlington, South Carolina native, a
family member and an original T.A.

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