"Wanderlust" is a 50/50 movie.  Half of it is creative and very humorous - you can see where I am going - the other half just does not work.
Paul Rudd is the star and Jennifer Aniston is actually in a supporting role; she is not given much to do. Alan Alda is very good in a small role, that he makes very lively.  
It is a shame that this film did not give the audience more of the comic material that packed real insight concerning both the economy and social relationships. 

If the writers had taken the high road, this could have been a top notch film, making important commentary about how we live in the facebook era of social networking, without personal contact.  Sadly, it sold out for slapstick. 
Malin Akerman is almost  pretty enough to offset some of the flaws in the scribe.

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