"The Descendants" is a wonderful movie. I was having
some doubts about the value of this film in the early going.  The behavior of the children in this story was profane, I was turned off by them.  I failed to realize that the writer was starting in the emotional cellar, so he could eventually take us to the penthouse.  If you appreciate the kind of story that allows you to see the characters mature before your eyes, this is the film for you.  This film brings out the virtues and flaws in three generations of a family.  You go from being a distant and neutral observer, to a concerned and caring person.  
figure that this film could  be rewarded on "Oscar Night" with several of the top prizes. It stands out as a prime example of an intelligent film worthy of the attention of a mature audience without any special
 effects, explosions, gunfire, bloodshed or supernatural creatures to enhance the plot.
 The natural beauty of HAWAII is a big plus for the film.
GEORGE CLOONEY is just wonderful and makes all those around him better in their roles.

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