I was watching "WAR HORSE" and I realized I had seen this film before  -- in 1952 at Public School #44 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant
section of Brooklyn. 
"BAMBI" showed me that someone we love
passionately could die, that no one is above the reach of death. "WAR HORSE" teaches a similar lesson about the cruelty and nobility of war.  It shows the best and worst of the human spirit. 
A person's rising to the highest standards of virtue under fire is contrasted with the evil spirit that is just below the surface when only one side can survive / win.  There is no second place in war.
Forget the regular items we normally discuss in reviewing a film - just focus on this -- it is important for children to see this film - it is a great 
teaching tool to prepare them for an element of existence that we 
must all encounter at some time. 
THE film does not show much graphic bloodshed, so most
children will be able to handle the violence.

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