This film demands two reviews.  The first is for folks in the audience over 35 years old.
Those people will see what I saw, a film that had good ideas, but only occasionally developed those elements. 

 A film that was very inconsistent in what it was trying to do with characters and story lines. 

 This film employed good actors and did not give them enough good things to do with their time in front of the camera. 
I think Jonah Hill is a quality actor and I knew nothing about Channing Tatum, but he has potential to bea fine actor.  

The writers went for the wild car chase, cheap joke, foul language and naked body parts at every opportunity.  This was a  110 minute movie, with only 15 good minutes.

Now, for the younger folks in the audience -- little of what I have mentioned will bother you, so you can rate this film higher than I did - it was made to appeal to your age group ---- enjoy.

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