With fairy tales, I am about as helpful as a bull in a China shop. At the theater, I asked for
guidance from four beautiful ladies and they gave me the benefit of their insight.
 Jean #1, felt this was a fine updating of the Snow White fable.  She felt the message of sticking up for yourself and what you feel is right was a
good theme. 
Jean #2, found humor in much of the story and noted that the traditional names of the Seven Dwarfs were changed in this production.
Jean #3labeled this an adult take on the original children's tale.  There was a strong feminist spirit -- none of that helpless damsel in distress, waiting to be rescued for this Snow White. The ladies all saluted Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Nathan Lane. Music was not featured in this film. 
Baby, Jean Marie #4, did not say much, while napping in great-grandma's lap. Four generations of  a proud family - it was an honor to interview them.

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