Nicholas Sparks wrote this story.  That is almost enough information for you to fill in the rest of this review as far as the plot is concerned. 
* Nice people will have an emptiness in their lives.  
* A good person will come along and offer to fill that void. A wonderful connection will be made - joy reigns supreme. 
* Misinformation destroys paradise. 
* A dramatic event restores the flame of romance and all is well.
This is all standard Sparks and one more point, 
* the villain is not really a bad person, just misguided.  No surprises, but you have to respect how
well the story plays and with great acting from Blythe Danner and ten year old, Riley T. Stewart, you can enjoy the ride to the only possible ending - a happy one -- and what is wrong with that?  
They could have gotten there about 15 minutes sooner.

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