I am glad to be a member of the Greenville News Movie Review Panel, I look forward to reading the  views of my friends, since I found it difficult to evaluate "Rock of Ages."
This film spent a lot of money and sincere effort to make a great film, but it often ended up repeating scenes. The actors did a fine job of bringing their characters to life, but the characters did not grow, they remained basically the same.  The film took us on a long, wonderful trip, but ended up dropping us off about two blocks from where we started.
I don't want to be negative about this musical, but the good and bad came out about even. 
Tom Cruise is to be commended for singing his role and not dubbing the voice of a professional singer.  Alex Baldwin was a joy
everytime he appeared in a scene and Russell Brand played his trademark character - a druggie who will say and do anything, mostly at the exact wrong time.
I feel I am insulting you to even mention that
PAUL GIAMATTI did a great job -- the next time he
fails to be brilliant, will be the first time.

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