If anyone mentions going to see "Hit and Run" - hit them as hard as you can and run away as fast as you can. The title  serves as a warning to the public.
 If a ship sinks, the captain is going to take the blame.

Dax Shepard  ( a guy you never heard of before and in all likelihood,won't hear of again) was more than the captain; he was the director, writer and lead actor in the mess of a motion picture.

My first clue about the quality of this film was that only one  other person was in the theater and as we waited  for something to happen, we began to discuss how  bad this film was. We bonded in order to survive  this nothing of a picture. After the first 40 minutes, all we had to keep us alive were a few scenes that Tom Arnold tried to  save.
Later, Bradley Cooper chipped in two decent scenes and Joy Bryant was a pleasure to
look at; I think she had two lines of dialogue - but I was just happy to see her on the big
 screen.  If she is interested in socializing with an unemployed older man - I am volunteering for the

Near the end, Beau Bridges gives a brief moment of professional acting to this  sinking ship.  

The joy of being a critic is saving decent folks from needless suffering - this film is  painful to watch and if I have not been too subtle, you should realize that I am not even saying, "wait for television" -- skip disaster, regardless of how it is presented to you. Mop the kitchen floor or iron a shirt - your time will be  better spent.

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