It is not a secret or mystery that this is a story about a boy who is
"born" in a garden in the backyard of "parent's" home. Now, I am not the
sharpest knife in the kitchen, but before I left my house for the theater, I sort of figured out that this was not going to be a drama with the realistic tone of 
"On The Waterfront" or "All The President's Men." 

 I read a series of reviews by other critics, wondering if I had missed a turn some where.  The words I encountered in basically attacking this film were - in no special order: sentimental * contrived * enchanted * melodramatic * fable * bizarre *fantasy *  magical * whimsical.

Everyone of these words applies to "The Odd Life of Timothy Green."  One more clue, the word odd is in the title. So, to attack it for being odd, is rather odd to me. 

I enjoyed this film, because I got what I figured the movie had to offer, an out of this world story about a boy living in this world. I am not sitting there looking for illogical events - the story is about odd happenings.  

What I found most strange was a theater packed with children, while this story is really aimed at adults and the problems they have to cope with to help their kids have productive lives. For all the adjectives used to describe this film, it is really an adult film, told from the parent's viewpoint. The ideas explored in this production are way over the head of anyone who is not yet 21 years old.
I think kids will like seeing kids featured, but the story is really about family bonding and good parenting by adults.

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