"Skyfall" is the newest chapter in one of the greatest movie franchises in history. 
There are about 25 James Bond films, but there are only two fellows who truly brought this iconic character to life; Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. Javier Bardem is a worthy villain for our hero. 
All the action is well done and yet, the story is more powerful than the guns and speeding cars. Director, Sam Mendes should be credited with showing the moral and psychological stress that these characters are undergoing as they do their duty, regardless of which side of the law they are on.
 This production takes our favorite secret agent into his second 50 years, after his "Dr.No" debut in 1962; with this level of quality, another half century of 007 is possible.
That quality is assured when you cast wonderful actors like Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, and the always great Albert Finney, with a beautiful raising star, Naomie Harris
  I was a little fearful when I saw the running time was two hours and twenty three minutes, but this story could have easily supported another twenty minutes.  
  I have to wonder what I have done to deserve this kindness from the motion picture gods: "Argo" - "Cloud Atlas" - "Flight" and a decent, not great -"Alex Cross" - I am starting to miss the mindless vampires, zombies, talking machines seeking world domination and the endless sound of automatic
weapons being discharged every five or six minutes, in an attempt to hide the absence of
a plot or purpose to the film.
 You may not know this, but I am paid less to review a bad film; no reason to research the cast or wax poetic about the highlights- there are none. If the quality of films remain this high much longer, I may soon be joining the "one percent."

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Everything you said is true and more. Not one wasted scene, dialogue crisp and measured but most of all as Gene Roddenberry always said, “You have to love or hate the characters". Mendes brought all the characters to life none was in a scene that was not necessary. For the first time in a Bond, film there wasn't the so-called throwaway "Bond" girl. We now know who, what and why of M, Bond, MI6 and what they meant to each other.