If you have time to waste, continue to read this review,if not,go buy your ticket to see "Flight."  I feel a little silly writing this review, knowing full well that your friends and colleagues will be doing my job for me. 
This movie is built around an airplane crash and if the only scene in the movie was that event, you would have much more than your money's worth. 
When something is rare, it is made more precious; this intelligent adult film is an item that is close to extinct these days. This film does not need my endorsement - word of mouth will speak volumes about it at the water cooler - don't miss out on the conversation. 
I don't even need to mention Denzel's name,all the actors are outstanding, he does not carry the load alone in this film and he has earned that status which allows him to be recognized by just his given name. 

This movie, in my analysis, has seven key scenes that are so outstanding, you could
just view anyone of them alone and still feel your ticket price was a bargain.

When you see this film and you will, review my check list and see if I was on 
the mark:
* the entire flight crash segment
* the hospital staircase scene
* the funeral home scene with the stewardess
* the hospital scene with the co-pilot and
   his wife       
* the magic hotel cabinet
* the entire board of investigation scene
* the son's visit

When you add these tremendous moments to the fine moments I did not list, you have a blockbuster production.
I have to mention the fine performances of actors who knew they were making a
first rate film: Don Cheadle-lawyer/ James Badge Dale-cancer patient/  
Kelly Reilly-the girlfriend / John Goodman- "druggist"/Brian Geraghty-copilot/ Bruce Greenwood - union rep / Tamara Tunie & Nadine Valazquezflight attendants / Garcelle Beauvais -ex wife /  Mellissa Leo - safety investigator 

Director Robert Zemeckis ( "Forest Gump" ) and the writers should be saluted.

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