This is an amazing story, presented in a beautiful film.  Director Ang Lee should be in the running for an Academy Award. Part of my job is to give you guidance in selecting a film to invest your time and money in seeing. "The Life of Pi" is such a film, but it a very demanding story; I can't approach helping guide you through the
complexity that is hidden in every scene of this drama. Everything in this tale has a symbolism attached to it and a deeper meaning than you will realize at first viewing. It would be  appropriate if the price of your ticket allowed you to see the film and return another day to see it again - the film is brilliant and it requires you to dig deep to see what is really going on.

Here is a clue about how complex this story is: the central 
character, a young boy, nicknamed Pi, is a true believer in three separate religions at the same time. Pi is seeking to strike a balance between the Hindu,Christian and Islamic faiths simultaneously; that my friends is no small feat for a professor of theology and Pi is just a high school student. 

The story, the bold adventure of the tale, will sweep you along for most of the show, but there will come a time when you will have to reflect on 
all that you have seen and heard and start to question what you earlier took for granted.
This reflection is what makes this film special - you don't justsee this production and go home confident that you have it all figured out.  Go with someone and see how much you agree with each other when the story is complete and the lights come on in the theater.

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