I would not want the management of this publication to find this out, but I may have been slightly inappropriate in my behavior while serving the public interest as a reviewer of the film, "Killing Them Softly."

I watched the start of this film. I fell asleep, for how long, I don't know, I woke up and felt that I missed nothing.
First, this film is a poor take off on the classic 1973, "The Friends of Eddie Coyle." This production tries too hard to be "Pulp Fiction" like and ends up being "Much Ado About Nothing." 
Idiots are suddenly able to be very competent robbers and Brad Pitt is trying to pass himself off a genius because he can intimidate people and pull the trigger on a gun. 
Members of major criminal cartels just allow themselves to be robbed with little or no protest by two crackheads who could not get jobs bringing in the shopping carts from the parking lot at the local walmart .
 This film is trying to get by on snappy dialogue, but clever dialogue is only worthwhile if it leads to something meaningful at the end of the conversation.  
The highlight of this film for me was getting that rest period - if you go to a baseball game and the score is still nothing to nothing, after a long line delay at a concession stand, you don't feel you missed much. 

There is a cute attempt to show that the economic concerns of the national
government impacts the economic structure of the criminal subculture. Recession and 
unemployment and wage reductions hit every sector to the population, criminals
This film is a step up from buildings fighting other buildings or
the dead walking the earth in search of food - but that is not a very high standard to exceed.

Sorry about the unauthorized work stoppage, but it won't happen again - unless there is a sequel to this film.

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