I was in the theater with a group of people who seemed to enjoy this movie as if it was the best film ever; I can't join them in drinking the kool-aid. There are laughs in the production, but if you have a 134 minute film and a 90 minute story, that is a problem. If the husband runs a music company that promotes music nobody likes and the wife runs a dress shop where an employee might be stealing money, but she won't confront the suspect, it is difficult to sympathize with this couple having money problems -DUH!

Writer, director, actor, Judd Apatow seems to just throw another sub-plot on the fire whenever the end of the film is in sight. He spends screen time with curvaceous Megan Fox for no other reason than to have Megan Fox on view. No man is going to object to seeing Ms. Fox in the flesh, but the cutting room scissors could be used on one of the other ten or twelve pointless subplots to save time for this pointless subplot.

It is as if Apatow dreams up these subplots on the drive to the studio and
ten minutes later, they are part of the story, whether or not they add anything of value to the script.  I think we clearly see the truth in the saying - power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

One last ploy: outrageous language and sexual references are thrown in to spice
 up the story, they don't succeed in helping.

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