The theaters should cut their ticket prices 50% for this
production of "Man of Steel," since you will be getting only half a decent film. My one word review of this film is "disappointing." Question: was the target audience 15 year old boys?
Any part of this film that goes back in time to explain the
origins of this superhero icon is excellent.  Once you get to the present day parts of the story, the production goes into pointless and over-done explosions, gunfire and general
destruction of any vehicle or structure that is handy at the moment. 
The disappointment is knowing that the entire film could have been as good as the flashbacks showing the origin and development of the Man of Steel
I am also sad to see Christopher Nolan involved in this mess as a writer, after the great work he did as director of the Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale.
 When a scene involves Russell Crow, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner or Amy Adams, good things are taking place; all the scenes involving guns and explosions are repetitious and pointless.
Henry Cavill is fine as Superman, he looks the part and that is 75% of the task. Laurence Fishburne is wasted in his small role as newspaper editor, Perry White. 
I won't blame director Zack Snyder, no one person could be responsible for messing up what could have been a great film, he would have to have "help".
Many folks might think, after seeing this film, I was too critical, but if you look deeper, you will see it was the parts about the growth of Superman that you liked, not the "Transformer" type senseless violence.

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