"World War Z" is a zombie movie. You can paint it a different color and film it in a unique manner (less blood and gore than usual), but it is still a zombie movie and are there any among us who would say we need another zombie movie?  
The saving grace for this film is Brad Pitt turning in a serious reading of his role and he sends the message  for the audience to pay attention.  It was a surprise to me that Mireille Enos, basically an unknown was cast as his wife. She is not glamorous and you expect Brad to have a Playboy Bunny at his side.  I think the message was that this is movie to be taken seriously, it is an adult and intellectual zombie movie - if such a thing is possible.
  Don't be late for this movie - the first few minutes
are very powerful.  You are given a situation where you observe people running away, in a state of mass hysteria / panic. The vast majority don't know what they are running from and the first question the film poses is, would you remain and examine the problem or would you join the herd and stampede without knowing what you are running from and where you should run to.  I have not broken the 
"spoiler rule"( don't give away plot secrets ), because you will have to face this question as the scene unfolds - warning or no warning.

   The film undermines itself by solving a major problem Pitt faces too early in the story, but it
rebounds with other problems, so the story remains
compelling to the end.  
Pitt is supported by African actor, Fana Mokoena as a 
United Nations official with powerful resources and 
Daniella Kertesz as one strong Israeli soldier and a 
female who can be as tough as Brad when the going gets rough.
I wish they had avoided some of the scenes where the zombie hordes do special effects things that gravity and the laws of physics would not allow - but, having a dead person walking around pretty much breaks the rules beyond repair, so my complaint is not really valid for a zombie movie.
This is not a must see film, at two hours it is a little long, but not bad -- if you can handle one more walking dead production. No matter what its
virtues are - it remains a zombie movie. 

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