I am in the same position I was with the late and not so great - "Gatsby" film.
"The Lone Ranger"  is a movie with all the technical bells and whistles. If you just want to see magnificent sets and great action sequences, this is paradise for you.
The problem comes to the forefront if you also want a coherent story to go with the scenery.  
If you fail to value your time and have 150 minutes you don't need and if you want to see a movie called "The Lone Ranger", which really is about "Tonto", this is that film.
I used the word "tedious" (tiresome by reason of length) to describe the film. Another critic wrote, the movie keeps 
"not-ending" for an extra hour. My third guest critic wrote, the film does not know what it wants to be.
 When the film is finally over, you won't be able to really focus on what it was about.  I did not hate this film, but I would not
send anyone to see it if they value a film with a clear: focus, 
purpose, direction, goal, outcome. "The Lone Ranger" seems to just wonder around trying to find a theme that will allow all the plots and sub-plots to come together and make this film meaningful - that goal was never reached.
 One problem is that Johnny Depp's "Tonto" is the star of this film, not the ranger.
 The cast of Armie Hammer, Tom Wilkerson, William FichtnerHelena Bonham Carter, and Barry Pepper do well, without much help from the script. 
Director Gore Verbinski does a fine job with each scene - it is not his fault that the writers never made the wandering plots equal a first rate movie.
 OLD SCHOOL ASIDE --If you are a child of the 1950's -- you might be like me - we never called the hero, The LONE Ranger, he was always The LONG Ranger. How many kids use the word "lone" in their daily conversations, none that I knew.

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Dan O. said...

This reminded me of those chores I used to back in the day for my parents, when each and every one of my friends were out playing basketball and picking up chicks. Good review.