This was one of the quickest reviews I have ever written; "2 GUNS" is such an easy film to analyze. The plot is convoluted and that does not matter. I have never written a review where I could say that.  The action is meaningless in this action film, this is also a new revelation for me.

This film is 99% based on and dependent on chemistry.  

You have Denzel ( is the last name really ever necessary )
Washington and Mark Wahlberg giving the audience their version of Paul Newman and Robert Redford in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". That is worth the price of admission, so money wiseyou are even from the start of the film.

Then along the way you get five more outstanding characters to keep you interested in
this pretty silly / outrageous / over the top / action / romance / comedy / drama.
This film touches all the bases and I don't know what box to put it in if you want a category to file it under.

Besides the two stars I mentioned, this film really is generous in sharing the spotlight
with the great supporting cast, they are all given a chance to shine and they all make the most of the opportunity. 

Paula Patton, she was the concerned guidance counselor in "PRECIOUS," is the romantic interest and looking at her, it is easy to forget the forgettable plot.

Bill Paxton is so arrogant, corrupt and evil, you have to
 be motivated to root for his downfall.

James Edward Olmos is mean and evil, but he
is a villain with a sense of honor, business ethics and dignity that makes you question if he is really a "bad guy".

James Marsden is a snake and that is an insult
to those colorful reptiles.

Fred Ward is either a crook or a misguided
military commander - you have to judge for yourself. 

The overall plot is, as I mentioned, meaningless.
This film lives on these interesting characters having their moments on the silver screen.  You can enjoy this barely average film, because of the superior acting of the cast.

Director Baltasar Kormakur should take a great deal of credit for giving this fine cast their
moments to shine and for almost making us forget that there is no coherent plot.

I have to assume the writers were so busy with the snappy dialog, they forgot the storyline.

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