The new Robert DeNiro film is, "The Family."  Don't be late to the theater, the opening scene is very powerful -- it lets you know what you are dealing with in this story.  I can't think of a comedy that opens with such a powerful and violent scene. 
      This film is about a mob boss who gave testimony against members of his former crime family and is now in the witness protection program with his biological family. 
I found this film to be another in a long line of films that seem to promote the idea that one ethnic group is genetically linked to criminal activity. Even in a comedy, that idea is given new life.
       If I had to summarize the plot, it is designed along the lines of a classic comedy, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."  Wild and wacky things take place and are treated as normal.   
A family member goes shopping and destroys the store, another goes out for a walk and buries a body in the backyard.  Outrageous behavior is treated as perfectly normal and you are forced to see humor in these bizarre situations. 
       Young actress, Dianna Agron, is just lovely to look at and John D'Leo is her very smart and corrupt young brother.  Michelle Pfeiffer's character is poorly written at the end of the story, she is nothing like her earlier persona.  Tommy Lee Jones is always money in the bank to give a solid performance.
I have to comment on another movie, "The Getaway."  I have not seen it, but in a rating by film critics, it got an approval score of 2%.  I have never encountered such a low rating and felt you might want to go see a movie that is so bad, that 98 out of 100 viewers thought it was dreadful. It "stars" Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight.

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