I left home headed for this movie, "You're Next'', with every intention of being a hero.  I was going to ride to your rescue and much like Paul Revere, sound the warning that  would alert you to avoid this film like the plague.  Well, I saw the movie and I feel I can play the role of a hero, all I have to do is tell you how wonderful I found this modest independent film to be.
    There is not one person in this production who can be considered even a low level star; there is not a famous name in the entire cast or production crew that you would recognize. Yet this film is excellent. 

  Now, the story is about a family celebration in a rural estate, which is interrupted by a gang of masked savage killers.  This a formula used many times to kill both characters and the time of the audience in cheap, unimaginative C-level productions.

"You're Next" breaks the mold, it is well written by Simon Barrett and expertly directed by Adam Wingard and fairly well acted by the totally unknown ensemble of thespians.

 90% of the time, in a film like this, with so much gore, the actors will ham it up for the camera and do outrageous things to draw attention to themselves - here the cast is disciplined and the director is always  focused on the storyline.

  I can't go into the story without spoiling surprises in the plot, but keeping track of the death toll is a demanding task in this movie, bring a calculator. 

 I find it strange that I am recommending this film, but I was impressed with the running time of only 94 minutes,  that is 
the right amount of time to tell such a story and get to a conclusion before we start to ask too many questions.  

Please, please I repeat, don't come to a film built on violence, if you can't handle on screen bloodshed, because there is plenty of that, but it is a necessary part of the story, the insanity  of the plot must be written in blood.  

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