I was trying my best to avoid seeing this second version of "The Best Man" franchise. I enjoyed the original film and made the assumption that this one would not be as well made; as is all too often the case, I was very wrong. 
 I dismissed this as a"chick flick."  It is a wonderful film on many levels: funny, yet very serious, profane, yet spiritual
   I have seen few films where there is more foul language, yet the film is strong in favor of religious values. The characters go after one another in attack mode, yet their love and concern for each other is genuine and heartfelt.
   If you don't like this movie, I can't imagine what would
please you, the interaction of these characters is so well
written and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, that his name could well be
called out at the Academy Awards. I won't continue to tell you how much I liked this film, I want to list every featured player with my remaining space, they earned the respect: Morris Chestnut - Melissa De Sousa - Taye Diggs - Regina Hall - Terrence Howard - Sanaa LathanNia Long -
Harold Perrineau - Eddie Cibrian. I wish I could list the amazing child actors in this film, they have a bright future ahead of them. 
Don't cheat yourself,as I almost did, see this film.    

I feel compelled to add a brief note to this review: Terrence Howard is becoming a superstar among superstars.
He is already a fine, professional, accomplished actor and becoming one of those
few performers that makes every role special.
I look for him to get the first name treatment very soon: Marlon, Sidney,Denzel,he is that dynamic.

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