The word Quantum has three distinct meanings – all three could be applied appropriately to James Bond emotional response to his lost of a woman he was in love with and is grieving over in this film.

1. SMALLEST UNIT OF MEASURE – his denial of being in mourning

2. A REQUIRED AMOUNT OF RECOMPENSE – his search for those responsible for her death

3. A SUDDEN – DRAMATIC ACTION – the way he goes about terminating the villains.

This movie seemed to be built around the action sequences, rather than those moments being fitted in the story.
The plot tries to play off the very successful “Casino Royale” episode, but that does not work well.
The traditional fight between Bond and the chief villain is a mismatch and should never have taken place.
There were no gadgets; Daniel Craig is the new era 007, but he still should have gadgets.
I wanted to see more of Giancarlo Giannini and Jeffrey Wright, two fine actors in small parts.

While a good enough film, that persona and soul that makes Bond special was lacking in this film, but only the true Bond fans will notice.

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