It often takes a period of brooding to settle on what you want to say about a movie in a review. For “Twilight” that time frame was about ten seconds after the film ended.
^I knew nothing about the series of books.
^I couldn’t name one actor in the movie.
^Catherine Hardwicke did a great job of directing this production and I never heard of her.
You may hear a bad word about “Twilight,” but you won’t hear from me.
The key demographic audience is teenage girls. I don’t come close to matching either
category and yet, I loved every second of this film.
Not knowing where it was going and what would happen next, turned out to be an advantage.
This film is unpredictable, creative, tastefully done and the characters all have their own
distinct persona.
They make it clear that a sequel is forthcoming, I hope it can live up to this standard.

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