The film was over, I started to think about what to write; then the audience applauded.
My vision was affirmed, “Australia” is first rate.
Humans have a wide range of emotions, each and everyone is touched upon in this almost 3 hour long, far ranging saga.
While there are enough themes for at least four feature films, this production does not drift away from its basic concept of love, both romantic and the family kind and justice, both social and legal.
The casting director deserves an Oscar – each actor seems so natural in their part.
Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and young Brandon Walters, as Nallah, are all sensational in their roles.
I did not recognize the great Jack Thompson in his advanced years, but I thought this guy is a good actor, before I realized who it was playing to role of the accountant with a conscience.
My words about “Australia” are dwarfed by the magnificent scenery and the applause of the audience – if you can handle the time frame, 3 hours is a long haul no matter how good the movie, take the journey to “Australia.”

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