The Madea film series, starring and directed by Tyler Perry are never going to surprise you - James Bond is going to face off with an evil villain seeking world domination; James will kill the miscreant and the world will be preserved for democracy.

Madea will supply a lot of laughs, while teaching all those around her a lesson about overcoming adversity. Predictability is not a detriment to Madea or James Bond.

I really enjoyed this film, but I also recognized the flaw - this is a film that does the comedic parts at 100% and the dramatic parts at 70%. It is like two different films, but the funny parts are worth enduring the more somber elements.

Keshia Knight Pulliam, little Rudy of the Cosby Show, is not really up to her heavy dramatic part at this stage of her career, she will get better with time.

The comedic parts seem to just flow smoothly, but in the dramatic moments, the actors seem
to be waiting for directions and almost reading the script aloud - but you are there for the comedy and that is very good.

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