The Green Zone starts off with an action packed, blood and guts, pedal to the metal, first 25 minutes full of gunfire. It then slows down for 20 minutes and introduces elements of intrigue and cover up, while the audience catches its breath .
This is all working very well and you are getting to know the players in the military and in the political, espionage arenas.
Once more the film slows down and this was not a good thing, this pause allowed the viewer see that this story is going along a familiar road previously traveled by the Rambo and Chuck Norris, Vietnam era films about the misuse of the military for political goals.
For one hour, this is a very compelling drama and for another hour, most of the audience could tell you where it was heading – downhill.
Using the escape plan of most bad movies – more and bigger guns are wheeled out to fill the last 30 minutes with bullets and explosions. The promise of the opening half is lost in the trite writing of the second hour and nothing is gained from a film that began with so much dynamic energy.

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