Two words: romantic comedy – once you see these words, you have to cut the film a little slack. Whimsy is built into a romantic comedy and knowing that should be part of your approach to the material.
I liked this film, I liked seeing a new leading man, Alex O’ Loughlin opposite Jennifer Lopez, who still looks cute enough for the role.
The situation is intriguing; a perfect couple meet minutes after the female has undergone artificial insemination by an unseen donor. I wanted to know how this would play out and since this is a romantic comedy and not a drama, I had a pretty good idea about
the ending, but I liked seeing how they were going to get to their final destination; a destination that is foretold by the subtitle – “romantic comedy.”
I appreciated seeing old-timers Tom Bosley, Linda Lavin and Robert Kline in key roles, plus famous dog trainer Cesar Millan and Nuts the handicapped pooch.
Please, don’t miss the opening credits animation, it was really wonderful and set the tone for the entire production.
This is not a must see movie, but it is okay and these days okay is rare.

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