My daughter, Valerie, said she was not interested in this film, since the trailer clips seemed very silly. I explained that it was silly, but appropriately silly.
It sets aside moments to go over the top and balances those times with enough solid situations to keep the film from digging its own grave ( forgive me that one, I was being silly).

I like Chris Rock and he is the glue that holds this picture together. When the silliness is almost out of control, we return to a degree of sanity, in the person of Mr. Rock, and he prepares us for the next moments of foolish behavior by a host of the characters in this tale.
While not a very good movie, it will work for those who give it a chance, but I can fully understand those who won’t drink the kool-aid and go along with the sophomoric gags.

I saw it as “Animal House” goes to a funeral.

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