I have liked Natalie Portman since she first appeared as a child in "The Professional" (1994).
I also like Ashton Kutcher and think he gets better as an actor in
each new film.
The problem is, romantic comedies can't really say a great deal that is new or worthy of a trip to the theater.
This film tried to approach romance from a different
angle - the stars have the sexual connection first and then work their way toward love and affection. Nine out of ten times the process is reversed.

I think they did a nice job, but I can't say you have to see this film.
I enjoyed it, but there is no urgency to see it. I wish the side-kick roles of Ludacris and Jake A. Johnson were given more to do, they were interesting characters.
There is a side plot with Kevin Kline that just does not work and seems to be there to give Mr. kline a role in the film and pad the running time.

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