Normally I research the spelling of the names of the cast and director before making my comments, this time I can skip that step. I won't be saluting anyone in this production, except the set designers. This film could win an Academy Award for the caverns and water works they created.
It is a sad commentary when the best thing you can say about a film is, "nice sets."
I could not care less about any of the characters in this story, people
playing underwater often drown - Duh.
The story had no compelling elements, comic book based movies are better written than this tale. If you like to eat popcorn in the dark and look at imaginative sets, this is the film you have been waiting all your life to see, otherwise, skip it.
They kept the payroll under budget, there is not one actor in the film I
ever heard of before and I would guess, no top actors would want to
appear in this story that requires you to care about these characters
staying alive, when people who wanted to stay alive would not wander
around underground caverns for fun.

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