I was sure that I was going to see a film implode.
The premise that a wife and all his colleagues would suddenly claim not to know a well respected college professor was too thin to hold up for two hours.
I was wrong and happy to have been wrong. This film works and the acting is superior.
Liam Neeson is fine as the professor who can't figure out why everyone has abandoned him and Diane Kruger is just flat out, over the top, drop dead, to die for gorgeous. She could be in a silent film and I would enjoy it.
This film is a "BOURNE IDENTITY" for grown folks; very few movies are made with the focus on an adult mentality.
The scenes involving German actor Bruno Ganz and Frank Langella are well played and let you know this is not a video game on film, but a movie with a plot worthy of grown ups.
While not on the screen very long, Clint Dyer, does a fine job as an African taxi driver in Berlin.

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