The "Men in Black" go "Back to the Future"  plot works most of the time.  The performance of Josh Brolin as a young Tommie Lee Jones is outstanding.  Brolin captures the odd personality of "Agent K" and that is a major element in making this film a success.  The fans of this franchise will appreciate the efforts of the cast to bring this adventure to the big screen and folks new to the ''Men in Black" saga will be able to follow the story line.  There are a few emotional moments that we don't expect in a science fiction comedy.  Two actors I have to mention, though the names mean nothing to the public now -- they will be big in the near future: egoistical villain - Jermaine Clement and fortuneteller - Michael Stuhlbarg.
WILL SMITH is so comfortable in this role, he is not
really acting - he knows this character very well.

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