I have to think that the economy is not in much trouble at all. If people have money to waste on a piece of trash like "Resident Evil,they are not watching their cash too closely. This is a video game, but the viewers have no control over what they are
watching. The saddest thing I can say about this junk is that its best feature is the vibrant colors.  When you sit in a theater for over 95 minutes and the high point in the film is the color scheme - that is truly sad. Instead of an apology at the end of this mess, they gave clues about the sequel. I hope the Hollywood Sanitation Department will step in and stop that project.I failed to mention the plot, because there was none, unless constant gunfire is a story line that appeals to you.

  I recently explained to an editor, that there was no reason to apologize for assigning me to review a bad movie.  In reviewing a bad movie, I have the opportunity to do a good deed for the film going public.  Yet, I find this logic does not work with junk like the "Saw" series; which is just  a constant treatise on different ways to commit sadomasochistic murders.

Folks interested in this genre are not influenced by outside opinions. "Resident Evil" has descended to near that level. I fear that I have been so harsh, that folks will go seethis film to evaluate if it was as bad as I
claim - now, that is irony.

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