We live in an age where recycling is the socially correct thing to do.  Now, any activity can be overdone.  
I have to think that if you make a film where a man's daughter is kidnapped in Paris and two years later, make a film where the same man's wife is kidnapped in Istanbul, you have gone too far with the kidnapping theme. 
Liam Neeson is shooting the same generic guys he shot in Paris and creating the same automobile crashes and escaping certain death the same amount of times.  All this would be fine, if they did not charge you the same price to see the same movie again.
If King Kong climbs the Empire State Building in N.Y.C. and climbs the Sears Tower in Chicago - it is the same movie in a different location.
There are close to twenty James Bond movies, but they have a different plot - a different focal point - a different cast of characters.  We know before leaving home, James will kill the bad guys and save western civilization as we know it.  Yet, each film is unique in how it goes from Point A to Point B - ending in the ultimate victory of good over evil.
This is the scary part of "Taken 2" - they make it very clear that the dearly departed kidnappers have brothers and cousins who remain at large and will seek to do what they do best in "Taken 3" - allow themselves to be slaughtered by Mister Neeson.

   I assume Neeson must have an aunt or uncle available for the "taking" in the future film.
 Paris - Istanbul -- why not Brooklyn next?

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