The  writers got together and figured out all the elements they wanted to include in transferring this story from the James Patterson book to the big screen. They had a world class hero in detective Alex Cross and a super villain in "Picasso" - the professional assassin.
The stage was set for a great confrontation between these two, then they took the next Hannibal Lecter and let him become a common gunman.

 The air was out of the balloon and this film lost that special edge it was building. The word "contrived" comes to mind as you watch this film, still,it is good enough, but not great

Tyler Perry is decent as the title character, the main problem is, Morgan Freeman
twice played this wise detective and no actor wants to have to follow the
footsteps of that wonderful performer. Tyler should be given credit for going from the nutty Madea to the deadly focused Detective Cross.

Matthew Fox is great as the murderous "Picasso."  He lost 35 pounds for this role. Fox did his job, but the script
just tossed his character under the bus - "Picasso" could have had his own 
franchise as a super villain, a modern day Lex Luther - the man you love to hate.

It was good to see the wonderful Cicely Tyson still practicing her craft, so many years after her glorious performance in "Roots."

JOHN C. McGINLEY were first rate

RED FLAG - this film is far beyond a PG-13 rating in both sex and violence, why it got such a low rating is beyond my understanding; I was shocked to see children in the theater. There are some scenes in this film that would make a convicted sex offender blush.

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