The film "ARGO" makes me proud to be a movie critic.  I feel a joy in being entrusted to bring you the good news - a picture worthy of an intelligent audience
has emerge from the cesspool of zombies and meaningless trivia that is current
day Hollywood.

 If you appreciate a good tale, well told, fine acting and a plot
that involves more than endless gun fire - run to the theater to see "ARGO." 
This tale of the Iranian Hostage Crisis is worthy of the Academy Award, it is first rate in everycategory, writing, acting, direction.

Ben Affleck, was great as the director and good as an actor.
John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston, and former politician, Hamilton Jordan
gave wonderful performances, supported by a fine, but unknown cast. It helped that the writers gave them meaningful and often humorous things to say. Comedy was an
unexpected, but very welcome guest in this often grim tale of horrific events. 

This production does not allow you to just sit there in the theater and watch the
film; you will participate, get involved, cheer, hold back tears, pray, and
feel emotionally exhausted by the end of this rollacoaster ride. 

 The odd title is part of the plot. That is a good thing, since, before going to the show,
  I told several friends how silly it was to name this film "ARGO."

I will say something rarely said in 2012, "DON'T wait for television."

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