I sat in the theater for almost 3 hours watching "Cloud Atlas"
*I did not understand what was happening on the screen 
*I can't explain what I saw
 *I don't think 2% of the audience could tell you the meaning of what they were watching unfold 
*This was one of the best films of the year. 

It was creative and fascinating and after you get home, you can sit and think about the meaning of what you viewed. The acting was tremendous, with stars playing multiple roles. 
 The idea of stars playing different roles in a film, not just aging, is something I like to see -- I am reminded of Kirk Douglas in "The List of Andrian Messenger" and Sir Alec Guinness in "Kind Hearts and Coronets."

You can study Cloud Atlas for a long time and never fully grasp all the themes. Just enjoy the ride,even if you never "get" some parts. 

This is a love it or hate it movie - no middle ground. There will be disagreements with those friends who see this film, prepare for that 

I can't list the entire cast, but if there was a weak link in the acting department, I missed it: Tom Hanks - Halle Berry - Hugo Weaving - Hugh Grant - Keith David -Susan Sarandon - 
future star, David Gyasi. 

It takes talent like this to hold your attention for 
such a long film; a time period which will be hard on those who don't join in the spirit of the film. 

A clue - if you saw the wonderful "BIG FISH" and did not like it,
avoid "CLOUD ATLAS" - it is not for you.

This film has a fantasy persona, but there are some raw scenes that you may not - you will not - want the children to see, unless they are of college age and planning to move out of your basement in the near future. Sex and violence are in the plot.

I have to repeat this idea -- I think this is a wonderful film, but I
fully expect at least a third of the folks who see it, to dislike or hate it - it is not for everyone - but I think it is worth the gamble to see if you are one of those who will appreciate what is presented 
to you.

I think it will be nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD - based on its creativity.

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