"Playing For Keeps" has placed me is a difficult position; I often attack movies for being too
vulgar or too complex or too violent. This film is none of these things and now

 I have to attack it for lacking these three elements. This film's greatest virtue is consistency - nothing happens in the beginning, middle or end. I think this is the perfect
Christmas spirit film - the audience can take the money they planned to spend on a ticket, give it to charity and stay at home and watch paint dry.
 I don't know what Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurmond or
Dennis Quaid did to deserve being in this film, but it must have been something horrible.This movie is like an airplane that takes off from J.F.K. Airport, circles the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING about 30 times  and lands back at J.F.K. - not an unpleasant flight, but
it takes you no where, while stealing 95 minutes of your time.
I would avoid this if it was a television show, so I certainly would not recommend leaving home and spending good money to see this weak production, unless you have a fetish for trite and boring films.

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